My husband and I bought our first home together. We had dealt with Grace Realty. Amy Mateus was our realtor. The first house I said yes to Amy had proved to be a very honest person when she pointed out things that were wrong. Once she understood what I was looking for she brought us straight to our dream home. Thanks to her time, effort, and loyalty we moved into our home rather quickly. I recommend her to everyone that wants to buy a home. She made our sale hassle free, and made herself available at all times, even after hours W & M Bouthillette

W&M Bouthillette


My fiancé and I decided to work with Grace Group Realty to buy our new home and sell our current home. We worked with a realtor named Amy. Amy was incredible to work with. She made the whole process so easy and she is amazingly intelligent. She knows so much about the market and real estate that she can answer any possible question that you would have. Amy was always available anytime that we needed her whether it was to organize multiple open houses for our home, take us to showings, or answer my hundreds of questions. She was totally considerate of our feelings knowing that my fiancé and I were pretty stressed out during that time.


Throughout the process of working with Amy, you feel like you are working with someone that totally has your back and is GENUINELY looking out for your interests. This was particularly true during the negotiations when we discovered during the home inspection that the sellers of the house we ultimately bought, chose not to disclose that their "garage" couldn't actually support the weight of a vehicle. We reasonably assumed that a listing that states a garage means that the garage can hold a vehicle. But in this situation, the garage is on a hill and was built to work more as a shed than to hold the weight of a vehicle. The sellers already accepted an offer and so we felt misled. The problem was that we loved the actual house and surroundings so the sellers weren't willing to budge on the price and stated that if we had asked about the garage that they would have told us. So we were feeling pretty duped, taken advantage of, and somewhat helpless at this point because we did want this house. Step in Amy, to save the day! She was able to give the sellers 3 options, one of which was to send the appraiser back out to the house with our new information about the garage. Clearly the sellers didn't want that. Ultimately, she was able to get what we wanted and she was able to handle that stressful situation professionally and with class. (My fiancé and I probably cannot say the same).


I would recommend Amy to anyone looking to work with a real estate agent who is knowledgeable, hardworking, and truly cares about your feelings and isn't just trying to collect a check. She truly takes pride in what she does which is evident by her success. Thanks again Amy!   M. Hill

Michelle H

I employed the services of Grace Group Realty for my home sale and new home purchase. When I originally put my home on the market I had worked with another agent from a bigger company and soon realized my mistake. The attention to detail and commitment to service that the Grace Group Realty team provided me was immeasurable especially considering the home I was selling was not in a very marketable area. They were patient, provided timely feedback on showings and were readily available when I had any questions or concerns. They also helped me to negotiate a great price purchase price for my new home which I couldn't be happier with. - Clint K
Clint K

Amy and her staff were very accommodating considering I'm from out of state. They were very flexible to my schedule. They were also helpful on recommending lawyer's banks and home inspectors. I would recommend Grace Group Realty immensely. - Eric B
Eric B

Grace Group Realty is extremely attentive to your questions and needs. They are very knowledgeable and makes you feel at ease and comfortable. They are a company I wouldn't hesitate in recommending to anyone who wants the job done right. Christina O

Christina O

We purchased a bank owned home which was a challenge every step of the way. Our Realtor at Grace Group Realty explained everything and gave us step by step instructions which we needed being first time buyers. The process was tough but she made it a lot easier and was always available to answer our questions. Dawn and Michael M.

Dawn and Michael M

We were referred to her by a friend that used her. She is excellent especially for first time buyers that have a lot of questions. She will call you back very promptly. She will treat you with respect and no matter what your little issues are she will help you through them. We have already referred her to a couple of other people and she has done a great job with them. She is great all around. - Christopher M.

Christopher M

Amy was terrific; she went above and beyond my expectations. She became not only my Realtor but a friend to me and family. Her knowledge and expertise guided us in making the best decisions in buying our first home.  Fabricio O.

Fabricio O

Our Real Estate broker, Grace Group Realty, is a motivated and enthusiastic professional in their field. Their determination, negotiating skills and warm heart kept us as a family able to ride out the roller coaster ride of emotions that can happen when selling your beloved family home, during a difficult housing market. They were always available for every question and kept us informed of all potential interested parties in our home with great follow-through at every turn. They also helped us find our new family home, even though we didn't know where we were moving to. They took us to both Eastern and Western Massachusetts listings, packing in full days of showings until we found what we were looking for. If you are looking for a wonderful, kind, intelligent, dependable, and energetic real estate broker who will treat you like her number one client, Grace Group Realty is the broker for you!

   Theresa and David C.

Theresa and David C

Grace Group Realty did an excellent job. I found them to be very helpful, as this was my first time buying a home. They were excellent at responding and keeping in contact with me. In fact, they even checked on me after my purchase. I would highly recommend Grace Group Realty!   - Karen P.

Karen P

Grace Group Realty was so organized and is such a great advocate for their clients that even my lawyer was impressed! As a first-time buyer I was intimidated by the process so I really appreciated the way Grace Group Realty walked me through it step-by-step.  She helped me find the perfect place and I'm delighted with my new home. Alice N. 

Alice N

Almost two years ago, we moved to Massachusetts from another state for work.  We had a very limited time to find a place to rent and Grace Group Realty showed us several places that would meet our needs and that we could move into within our timeline.  It was because of the impression they made on us at that point that we contacted them when we were ready to purchase a house.  Grace Group Realty was friendly, courteous and professional.  They worked with us to meet when it was convenient for us since we both work full time.  Throughout the process of buying, Grace Group Realty was always one step ahead of us, sending us contacts for oil, electricity, and any other home services we could possibly need to know about.  It's hard to believe that it's been a year already and we just got a card in the mail from grace Group the other day with just that sentiment.  It was so nice to go through the home buying process with a company we could trust and who clearly had our best interest in mind.   James and Cynthia W.


James and Cynthia W

This past spring (2010) my wife and I decided to look into selling our home in the Sixteen Acres area of Springfield. We had owned this home for almost 11 years and knew that we had a considerable amount of equity in it. I asked our new next door neighbors who they used for a Real Estate Agent when they purchased their home only months before. They gave us the business card belonging to Amy Mateus working with Grace Group Realty saying she was a friend that took good care of them with their purchase. We had not had the best experience with an agent we used when we purchased our first home so we thought we would interview a couple of  brokers before we decided on which one we would use. Amy was the second broker we called but the first one we invited for an interview. When she arrived, to our surprise, she started giving us suggestions on ways to make our home more marketable and appealing to a potential buyer. Mind you we had not even talked about hiring her for our sale yet. Amy quickly built our confidence in her with her knowledge of today's housing market and did not lose site of the fact that even though she may sell houses every day, that we do not. She spoke to us in simple terms that we could understand and did not try to impress us with boastful talk. Not only did we feel comfortable with Amy selling our existing home but also contracted to have her help us find the home of our dreams. During our shopping process Amy was very aware of what we desired in a new home and quickly picked up on the items we felt were necessities when shopping. She showed us only what we wanted to see and had no issue showing us the same property two even three times. Our house in the Acres sold in only 16 days and we found our dream home at the same time. During this buying and selling process Amy catered to our thoughts and wishes never telling us what to do only guiding us in what she has learned as the proper direction. In the 11th hour we decided that we wanted to move our closing date so as to close sooner as opposed to later. As difficult a request this was, Amy helped to expedite the process getting all parties involved to be willing and on the same page. Our attorney even asked if Amy was a friend of the family because, in his words "It's few and far between that you find a Broker who is as on top of her work as Amy. If she says she is going to fax me something I get it in minutes, not days. She is very good at what she does". Due to Amy's efforts we were able to close on both our sale and our purchase before a July 1st tax deadline earning us an extra $6500 tax break. Furthermore we made a whopping $90,000 on the sale of our home in the Acres. Our experience working with Amy Mateus was enjoyable, easy, effortless and very profitable. We give Amy and Grace Group Realty a very strong recommendation if anyone is looking for a Real Estate Broker. Their fees are comparable to other Brokers but their service goes well beyond expectations. We love our new home and feel that Amy and Grace Group Realty played a part in helping to make it happen for us.



Jonathan and Tanya 


Jonathan and Tanya